High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the very common problems these days. A lot of people worldwide are gripped by the ailment of high blood pressure. However, the problem is not that difficult to tackle. Medications prove to be an effective solution for this problem. The market has plenty of medications that are successful in dealing with this problem of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure medication

One of the most famous and regularly used drugs for treating high blood pressure is Diuretics

wqesewdsrThe medication works by draining out unnecessary fluids from the body. The heart beat at the standard pace removing all the unwanted toxins, sodium, and water from the body. For you derive the best benefit out of diuretics, it is essential that it is used together with other medications for high blood pressure.

ACE Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors are also used to manage blood pressure levels

This particular medication is responsible for curtailing the formation of a hormone called Angiotensin II. It relaxes the arteries by not letting them chop down, subsequently reducing the blood pressure.

Beta blockers are another favored class of drugs meant to treat blood pressure.

These drugs work by reducing the nerve impulses that go to the heart and the veins. Since the nerve impulses are reduced, the heart beats slower which consecutively leads to a drop in the blood pressure.

Besides, beta blockers, alpha blockers are also used to treat hypertension

It reduces the nerve impulse to blood to pass easier through the blood to pass more easily through the vessels, causing a reduction in blood pressure. This category of medicine is not taken as the first line of treatment.

Alpha beta-Blockers also work in nearly the similar way to treat blood pressure as the alpha blockers

wqerw23e4rThe sole difference is that this particular medicine also decreases the heart beat. As the heart works slower than standard, smaller blood passes through the blood vessels and hence the blood pressure goes down.

Another favored class of medicines used to treat high blood pressure is Calcium Chanel Blockers

This category of medicine prevents the calcium from entering blood vessels as well as muscle cells of the heart. Since the calcium isn’t in a position to go into the arteries, they are more relaxed. This causes the blood pressure levels to go down.